On The Antiquity of Nepalese Metalcraft: The Buddha of Guita Bahi

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Figure 17: Standing Buddha
Nepal, circa 8th century
265 cm
International Meditation Centre
Śaṅkhamūla, Patan

"On 18th October, 1987, a life-size stone sculpture (1.72 m) depicting Maitreya was found in the sand of the Bāgmatī River, about 300 m to the west of Śaṅkhamūl, the confluence of the Bāgmatī and Manoharā (rivers)." Gail, Adalbert J., 1990, p. 91. The Buddha was originally in several pieces but was eventually skillfully restored and set up in this small shrine on the grounds of the International Buddhist Meditation Centre. Photo Ian Alsop, July 30, 2010

Details: see thumbnails below
Detail 1, right hand,  note in the following images the original condition of the hand. photo Ian Alsop, July 30, 2010.

Detail 2, Sakyamuni with a group of visitors during a tour of the marvels of Patan:  left to right: Bijayaratna Shakya, Rajesh Shakya of Guita, Shankaratna Shakya of Guita, David Pritzker, Asha Kaufman, Rajan Shakya, Phalsman Shakya, seated Addison Smith. Bijay and Rajan and Phalsman have served as the author's guides on many adventures and were the ones to first show him the Buddha of Guita Bahi and this wonderful stone sculpture. photo, Ian Alsop, July 30 2010

Detail 3, The Buddha shortly after it was discovered in 1987, with the smaller Buddha now in the National Museum (see Fig. 13) Photo: Prof. Dr._Adalbert J.Gail,  Bild-Archiv Prof. Dr._Adalbert J. Gail, Nepal-288357-287663 (NSS-SD card)

Detail 4, The Buddha  after it was discovered in storage awaiting restoration

Photo: Prof. Dr. Adalbert J. Gail, Bild-Archiv Prof. Dr. Adalbert J. Gail Bilder-244203-239014 (NSS-SD card)

Detail 5, The Buddha before restoration photo courtesy Bijayaratna Shakya

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