On The Antiquity of Nepalese Metalcraft: The Buddha of Guita Bahi

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Figure 27: Standing Buddha
Tibetan Gilt Copper Traditions, 11th century
Gilt copper
57 cm.
Lhasa gTsug lag khang (Jokhang); inventory no. 122[B].

Photo: Ulrich von Schroeder, 1996 http://jokhangsculpture.com/gallery1/38a.html

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also http://jokhangsculpture.com/gallery1/38a.html
38A. Buddha Śākyamuni (Tib.: Śākya thub pa)
Tibetan Gilt Copper Traditions 11th century
Gilt copper. Height
57 cm.
Lhasa gTsug lag khang; inventory no. 122[B].