On The Antiquity of Nepalese Metalcraft: The Buddha of Guita Bahi

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Figure 31: Standing Buddha
Nepal (Early Malla Kingdom Period) 15th century
324 cm
Donated by Dhanadeva.

Photo: Ulrich von Schroeder 1976, 23-Plate_280B_7642-14_Ulrich_von_Schroeder_1976 (NSS SD card).

Details: see thumbnail below
Detail 1 photo Ulrich von Schoeder, 1976, Plate_280B_7642-14_Ulrich_von_Schroeder_1976 (NSS SD card)

Detail 2, detail of head and left hand, Photo Ulrich von Schroeder, 2011, Plate_280B_1109-508_Ulrich_von_Schroeder_04.08.2011 (NSS SD card)

Detail 3, a feast served after a religious observance in Swayambhu, photo Sukra Sagar Shrestha, 1993. Plate_280B_1993-21_Sukra_Sagar_Shesta_1993_A02_32 (NSS SD card) Sukra Sagar Shrestha (1953-2017) who helped Ulrich von Schroeder with the history of this sculpture,and to whom von Schroeder dedicated Nepalese Stone Sculptures, was a renowned scholar of the cultural and art history of Nepal.

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