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Addendum: Kasthamandap Frieze Recovered

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Fig. 4.
The second half of the second panel of the frieze. Above is the recovered frieze (S. Tuladhar 7 Sept. 2016), and in the 2nd row, details by S.S. Shrestha (31 Mar. 2013), and below, figures from the original article (M. Slusser, early 1970s).

Details are from left to right of this second half of the first panel of the frieze, with above, details by S. Tuladhar (9/7/2016) and 2nd row, details by S.S. Shrestha (3/31/2013), and below, where applicable, original photos from the articleby Mary Slusser (early 1970s). The first detail shows the break in the panel.