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Inscription B
{1} ** // gzhal med khang mdzes dam par drang srong mdun bzhag ste /
{2} mtshan lta= shis pa brjod de ston pa ’byung ’gyur gang // shag rigs
{3} bud med ’khor ldan kun -u= rgyan btag gang // kra shi= des kya[
{4} ding ’dir bde’ legs shog / bram ze la mtshan bstan pas rab du
{5} byung na ni =ngs rgyas ’byung ====-i=======-i=====[

In the beautiful and excellent divine palace he had been placed before the ṛṣi, and the auspicious prophecy was made: “a teacher (i.e., a Buddha) will appear”; women of the Śākya clan attended to him, he was adorned with an array(?) of ornaments; and on account of that auspicious one: may bliss and happiness come here today!

Having displayed the characteristic marks (of a Buddha) to the Brahmin, ... if he will have become(?) a pravrājaka ... will be/become(?) a Buddha ...