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Inscription G
{1} * // pho brang nas byung rga nad ’chi’ ba las
{2} byung gzigs // -i rnaṃs rmugs mdzad lha’is
{3} mdun bdar mkha’ la ni ! srid 3 dag las
{4} rgal phyir mthon mthing dbu’ skra bregs !
{5} kra shis des kyang ding ’dir bde legs shog /

After he had emerged from the palace and had seen the results of old age, sickness and death, his mind had been completely stunned, and (thus) in the presence of the gods, up in the sky, he cut off his dark blue hair in order to move beyond the 3 worlds. And on account of that auspicious one: may bliss and happiness come here today!