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Asian Art Calendar of Events

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Exhibition Public - USA & Canada

The Way of Tea in Asia

Charles B. Wang Center Skylight Gallery
Stony Brook University, 100 Nicolls Road,
Stony Brook, New York, USA
Sep 07, 2017 To Dec 10, 2017

Detail: Many countries around the world have a long history of tea: tea drinking, tea manufacturing, arts and crafts associated with tea vessels and sets, and even literature and songs devoted to the virtues of this widespread, ancient drink. Tea has been grown in many regions in Asia for thousands of years, and has always been prized as a medicinal herb, as a gift of hospitality, and as an everyday beverage. However, how a country or culture thinks of and experiences the deep meaning of tea, both in the past and in the present, can vary greatly. This exhibition highlights various tea cultures in Asia—touching Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, India, Taiwan, Tibet, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, among others—through a visual display and comparison of distinctive types of tea vessels. Each vessel—unique in terms of material, size, shape, and quality—will speak volumes on its origin country's tea culture and social history.

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