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Asian Art Calendar of Events

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Exhibition Public - USA & Canada

Chitra Ganesh

Rubin Museum of Art
150 West 17th Street,
New York, USA
Feb 02, 2018 To Nov 04, 2018

Detail: The mudra known as the scorpion gesture is said to have unlimited power and potential for transformation. Your presence will transform the Rubin galleries in Chitra Ganesh’s new series The Scorpion Gesture, causing her large-scale animations to appear as if by magic when you walk by select artworks. Ganesh has created five animated artistic “interventions” inspired by pieces in Gateway to Himalayan Art and Masterworks, using the figures of Padmasambhava, known as the Second Buddha, and Maitreya, the Future Buddha, as points of departure. The animations build on Ganesh’s longstanding investigation of mythology, imagery, and narrative in her multidisciplinary practice, integrating her drawings with elements from the Rubin’s collection. Developed with and animated by the STUDIO.

Phone No.: 212.620.5000
Contact Email: [email protected]
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