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3. Uma-Maheshvara
9th century
h.: 0.79 m; w.: 0.53 m.


ENDANGERED are the Uma-Maheshvara images, which are among the most beautiful works of medieval Nepalese art. They depict Shiva and his consort Parvati (Uma) in loving union on the sacred mountain Kailash. The celestial couple is accompanied by guardian deities, attendants and by Shiva's mount, the bull Nandi. Below them the heavenly musicians, the Ganas, are dancing. The picture shows one of the very few images of its kind which has not yet been stolen - perhaps because it is printed on a postcard available in Kathmandu. Kumbhesvar Dhara, Patan. Photo: 8. 4. 83. (Fig. E51/G6)

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