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· Ongoing dialogues with local partners to convince them to save rather than replace historical fabric.

· Interviews with local priests to determine iconography of lost carvings.

· Local fundraising:
28 meetings with local donors to negotiate and collect contributions.

· International fundraising:
5 grant applications, 4 receptions, 27 faxes and 9 v.i.p. tours.

· Consult local priest to fix auspicious project inauguration dates and ritual offerings.

· Oral history collection, archival research, and scouting for historical fragments.

· Seminars on repair techniques for staff of municipal and national conservation offices.

Recipe For Restoration



· Design and fabrication of lost gilt copper pinnacle.

· Dismantling and re-building of roof frame, section by section, introducing new waterproofing membrane and seismic bracing measures.

· Scouting for antique roof tiles for repairs; custom fabrication of specialty tiles.

· Conservation of timber carvings including in situ cleaning, recarving and fitting of lost or damaged portions, plus preservative treatment.

· Provide new drainage and pavement around the temple; design and lobby for trash collection system.

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