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- Everest Groups: Online Shopping for handcrafted gift items.
Description: Welcome to Everest Groups! Dedicated to furnishing the most exclusive gift, we offer our services both as wholesaler and retailer. From the toe of the Everest across the lush African Safaries, our motto is to collect the finest handmade art pieces by the most skilled craftsmen of the world and bring it to your doorstep at the most economical price.
Category: Nepal > Asian Arts only > Shop
[Posted Sep 22, 2002 - Updated Sep 22, 2002 - Hits:706]

2000 Cranes Japanese Pottery & Ceramics, Kyoto
Description: 2000 Cranes is an online dealer of exceptional Kyoto-made pottery and porcelain. We offer a line of fine green tea cups, tea ceremony bowls & utensils, sake flasks & cups, vases, incense burners and more. Our works are made by some of Kyoto's most reputable ceramists. Safe online ordering, customer support, and satisfaction guaranteed.
Category: Japan > Asian Arts only > Shop
[Posted Apr 3, 2002 - Updated Jul 13, 2002 - Hits:1230]

Absolute Japan
Description: Handmade and tailored made japanese dolls representing characters from, history, kabuki, Noh theatre. Dolls are handmade dated and signed by Nadia Azumi.
Category: Japan > Asian Culture In general > Shop
[Posted Nov 30, 2000 - Hits:1293]

ACF China (
Description: ACF is the internet's most comprehensive wholesale supplier of Chinese antiques, reproductions, lamps and curios. From true Ming-Qing dynasty or Tibetan antiques to hand crafted furniture, ACF can find, design or custom build the items you want, shipping them all from Beijing in one mixed container.
Category: China > Asian Arts only > Shop
[Posted Sep 14, 2003 - Hits:452]

Adecoration - Thailand best buy unique gifts
Description: Buy best Thai unique gifts such as candleholders, candle, Thai silk pillow case, Buddha statue, storage and organization, kitchen and tabletop.
Category: Thailand > Asian Arts only > Shop
[Posted Oct 22, 2006 - Hits:273]

All South East Asia - Murni's On-line Shop
Description: Murni collects things and when she looks around her home and finds too many things, she puts them in her shops -- Kunang-Kunang I and Kunang-Kunang II.
Whether you're looking for antiques, art, jewelry, collectibles or a special Balinese gift, you'll always find something you love in Murni's collection.
Murni sells both retail and wholesale and ships anywhere in the world.

Category: SE Asia > Asian Culture In general > Shop
[Posted Apr 5, 2003 - Hits:254] - Offering Antique Chinese Jade Carvings
Description: specializes in antique Chinese jade carvings. We carry a large selection of antique nephrite jades including white jades, colored jades and cremated jades.
Category: China > Asian Arts only > Shop
[Posted Aug 28, 2001 - Hits:1178]

ANTIQUESHAWLS INC. online retail store for shawls, stoles, scarves, pashmina.....
Description: Manufacturers, Exporters and Retailers of shawls, stoles, scarves, pashmina, jamavars, silky viscose, cashmere, pashmeena, pashmere, 100%pure silk stole, silk pashmina, ponchos, beaded shawls, embroidered shawls, trendy stole, ponchos, cushions, throws, bedspreads, wall hanging
Category: India > Asian Arts only > Shop
[Posted Oct 13, 2005 - Hits:310]

Arniko Handicraft
Description: Manufacturer of all kinds of Buddhist metal statues and handicraft goods.
Category: Nepal > Asian Arts only > Shop
[Posted Sep 24, 2000 - Hits:1246]

Art & Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Items
Description: Online store supplying Buddhist practitioners and collectors with arts and crafts from the Himalayas. Rupas, Thangkas, dZi beads, ritual items and much more.
Category: Tibet > Asian Culture In general > Shop
[Posted Jul 2, 2003 - Hits:656]

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