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Marla Mallett Textiles
Description: Tapestries and textile folk art from around the world, including Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, China, India and Indonesia. 1400 photos illustrate a variety of textile topics.
Category: Asia Culture> Asian Arts only > Content Web Site
[Posted Nov 12, 2000 - Hits:639]

MINGEI . The Beauty of Simplicity
Description: Japanese Ceramics, Textiles, Wooden- and iron Objects of the Edo- and Meiji Period. Oct 16, 01 to Oct 31, 01
Category: Japan > Asian Arts only > Content Web Site
[Posted Oct 14, 2001 - Hits:471]

Nepal Thanka
Description: Information on Nepali and Tibetan Thanka
Category: Nepal > Asian Culture In general > Content Web Site
[Posted Jan 6, 2001 - Hits:754]

Description: a metasite for Nepal News, including the Kathmandu Post, Kathmandu's dynamic English daily, and the Nepali counterpart, Kantipur. Production of the pioneering Mercantile Office Systems of Kathmandu
Category: Nepal > Asian Culture In general > Content Web Site
[Posted Jun 15, 1999 - Hits:814]

Netsuke, Inro, Snuffbottles & Jades, on CD-ROM
Description: Information about 'The Cohen collection' now on CD-ROM an interactive, reference catalogue, of an exceptional collection of Japanese and Chinese antiques. Neil K. Davey and Robert Hall, the world's leading experts, are providing detailed descriptions and important new reference notes. Well over 645 superb colour photographs including close-ups of signatures and seals. Retail price is $85.00 from Amazon or Paragon, but buy yours now direct from the publisher for just £54.00.
Category: Japan > Asian Arts only > Content Web Site
[Posted Jan 3, 2001 - Updated Jul 5, 2002 - Hits:739]

New Chinese Art
Description: Center for contemporary Chinese art. This website showcases modern paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, woodcuts and installations from throughout China.
Category: China > Asian Arts only > Content Web Site
[Posted Mar 8, 2000 - Hits:912]

Noh Mask
Description: Home Page. Contains detailed information on carving the masks.
Category: Asia General > Asian Arts only > Content Web Site
[Posted Jun 2, 1999 - Hits:728]

North Cost Javanese Batik
Description: Journey along the north coast of Java with a devoted enthusiast sharing his knowledge and love for both old and new batik Pasisir. Visit batik workshops and meet the artists and their work.
Category: Indonesia > Asian Arts only > Content Web Site
[Posted Jun 1, 2012 - Hits:23]

Oasies, les fenêtres de l'Orient
Description: Portail francophone de l'Asie, des milliers de sites référencés et commentés : art, culture, mode, voyages, vie pratique, cuisine, cinéma, manga, astrologie, arts martiaux
Category: Asia General > Asian Arts only > Content Web Site
[Posted Aug 8, 2001 - Hits:367]

Offbeat Artwork on Dislpay and Sell
Description: This website is dedicated to promote Offbeat art and budding artists worldwide.(Some parts of this website is under development currently). It is worth Checking if someone is really looking for some offbeat artworks.
Category: India > Asian Arts only > Content Web Site
[Posted Sep 20, 2005 - Hits:113]

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