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Welcome to Links. Please feel free to add and modify your own resources. Soon we may be charging a very nominal fee for commercial listings, but for the immediate future, as we further develop the links system, all postings will be free. (You will not be charged without your consent, of course, and we will notify commercial postings well in advance)
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Contemporary Indian Art -
Description: Buy and Place order Online at Shrishti Art. Sale of Large Collection of Indian Art. Oil paintings, Sculptures, Contemporary Art gallery, Hyderabad, India
Category: Asia Culture> Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Nov 27, 2004 - Hits:80]

Contemporary Indonesian art
Description: paintings, sculptures & 3D artworks by over 40 contemporary Indonesian artists, descriptions of projects and events, writings on SE Asian arts and culture
Category: Indonesia > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Apr 10, 2006 - Updated Apr 10, 2006 - Hits:279]

contemporary middle eastern ART
Description: contemporary Syrian artist Aiham Dib conceptual and photography Art
Category: Asia Culture> Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Dec 7, 2006 - Hits:70]

Contemporary Thai art
Description: This site was constructed with the purpose to exhibit works of art, design, objects, things, garbage, whatever you prefer to call it, to a larger non-selective audience. Most work currently exhibited are of my own. But in the near future, works of other artists and friends will be included as well.
Category: Thailand > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Jul 3, 1999 - Hits:1442]

Coyote’s Paw Gallery on
Description: Coyote’s Paw Gallery has offered fine tribal and ethnographic treasures for over 26 years. Currently located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, we are dealing mainly through our website and shows. Our collections include jewelry, textiles, sculpture, artifacts, masks/headdresses, musical instruments and weapons.
Category: Asia General > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Aug 13, 2010 - Hits:98]

Crafts of India
Description: Offering Indian sculptures,paintings,apparel,silver jewelry,embroidered bags and home decor

Category: Asia Culture> Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Dec 21, 2006 - Hits:102]

Cristina Ortega
Description: In Cristina Ortega's shop (expert CEA -Paris) you will find a nice quantity of Chinese and Japanese export items from 17th to 19th century
Category: China > Asian Culture In general > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Sep 15, 2003 - Hits:140]

Cuong Phat Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
Description: Cuong Phat Co.,Ltd. fine art ceramic is well known for its fine quality of handmade ceramic. Specializing in manufacturing vases, pots, figurines and tableware, our products are being world-widely exported to France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Japan... With a team highly skilled workers and leading technicians, we proudly deliver quality products, labeled or bar-code packed in carton box.
Category: Vietnam > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Apr 12, 2001 - Hits:1184]

Custom Framed Art
Description: 100,000+ images to Custom Frame. Delivery in Days, at Less Cost!
Category: Asia General > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Apr 2, 2004 - Hits:109]

Cynthia Shaver
Description: Cynthia Shaver has been a dealer of Japanese textiles since 1976. Presently she has a group of Japanese country baskets. She is the author of the essay
Category: Japan > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Jun 11, 2000 - Hits:1044]

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