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The Antique Rug & Textile Show
Description: The Antique Rug & Textile Show will be held in San Francisco October 15-26, 2009.
Category: Asia Culture> Asian Arts only > Association or Institution
[Posted May 5, 2009 - Hits:25]

The Linden Centre
Description: The Linden Centre is an artistic retreat housed in a restored Chinese national landmark in the southeast vestiges of the Himalayas. It is owned and managed by two American art and antique dealers and hosts a variety of theme-based programming.
Category: Asia Culture> Asian Culture In general > Association or Institution
[Posted Nov 16, 2009 - Hits:20]

The Tibetan & Himalayan Library
Description: A vast site of Tibetan and Himalayan resources, an on-line library with references and reference tools, and integrated software systems, tools, and fonts.
Category: Himalayas > Asian Culture In general > Association or Institution
[Posted Apr 26, 2009 - Updated Apr 26, 2009 - Hits:55]

The Tibetan Photo Project
Description: Tibetan monks are using the camera for the first time in their efforts to preserve and document thier endangered culture. We hope you will visit, add the link at your site and tell friends. Thank You
Category: Tibet > Asian Culture In general > Association or Institution
[Posted Dec 12, 2003 - Updated Dec 15, 2003 - Hits:98]

Description: Genuineness analysis for cores and ceramics, analytical procedure for: metal, stone, glass and pigments, AMS 14 C, 14 C test wood, ivory, bones, textiles ...
Category: Asia General > Asian Arts only > Association or Institution
[Posted Jun 3, 1999 - Hits:683]

welcome to the world batik city
Description: local community initiative on batik & city branding
Category: Indonesia > Asian Culture In general > Association or Institution
[Posted Mar 14, 2007 - Updated Mar 17, 2007 - Hits:51]

World Music Institute
Description: World Music Institute is a not-for-profit concert presenting organization dedicated to the research and presentation of the finest in traditional and contemporary music and dance from around the world. WMI supports and encourages musicians from immigrant communities and collaborates with universities, cultural organizations, and other presenting organizations that have similar goals.
Category: Asia General > Asian Culture In general > Association or Institution
[Posted Aug 5, 2003 - Hits:42]

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