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Antique Chinese furnishings and accessaries
Description: Large collection of fine chinese antique furniture, articrafts.
Category: China > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Jun 19, 2002 - Hits:885]

Antique Chinese Furniture
Description: We specialize in Antique Chinese Furniture in China.we collect antique furniture from many places of China. They are in good and original condition.
Category: China > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Dec 23, 2001 - Hits:1041]

Antique Chinese Furniture (AFC) Inc.
Description: We are a professional furniture exporter in China. We have been exporting Chinese antique furniture, European style wooden furniture for many years. We collect the furniture from the village directly, and 10000 sq meter warehouse hold large inventory. Our craftman will repair and refinish the furniture as per our client's requirement.
Category: Asia Culture> Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Feb 19, 2003 - Updated May 6, 2003 - Hits:214]

Antique Chinese Furniture(Mingqing)Inc.
Description: We are manufacture and exporter in China specialized in Chinese antique furniture restoration, Chinese antiques , antique accessories, oriental curio, antique furniture reproduction, wood carving, Asian folk art, handicrafts Ancient, Oriental Curio, Chinese Antique Furniture, Chinese Cultural Revolution, Ceramic, Porcelain, Pottery, Buddha Art, Bronze&Copper
Category: China > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Jul 12, 2004 - Updated Sep 13, 2004 - Hits:255]

Antique Hill Tribe Statues, Amulets and Wood Carvings
Description: Antique hill tribe animist fertility gods, health amulets, wooden figures, and statues to promote business. animist gods for good crops, personal power amulets and more.
Category: Asia Culture> Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Apr 1, 2010 - Hits:39]

Antique Shippers
Description: Packers and Shippers of Asian Fine Arts & Antiques to Worldwide Destinations
Category: SE Asia > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Jun 22, 2002 - Hits:193]

Antique Tibet
Description: My personal collection of Antique Tibetan Rugs, textiles and art. Monastery and house items. Museum quality Indian Textiles and Southeast Asian Statues.
Category: Tibet > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Jan 9, 2007 - Updated Jan 10, 2007 - Hits:454]

Antique Zen
Description: Antique Zen specializes in fine antique orientalia. Antique Zen invests in only the finest orientalia, for connoisseurs of orientalia. Antique Zen collects and sells orientalia on-line - from museums, auctions, private estates - and orientalia from around the world: China, Japan, Tibet, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Orient.
Category: Asia General > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Jul 24, 2001 - Hits:794]

Antiques 5000 Co. Ltd -Chinese antique furniture
Description: We specialize in Chinese antique furniture and accessories sourcing, restoration and exporting in south of China. As we are located in the Chinese biggest antique market, so we also can be your agent here in China.
Category: China > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Oct 7, 2005 - Hits:233]

Description: This website guides you around in the world of antiques in Antwerp, Belgium. You will find a huge directory of all art and antique dealers.Besides this we offer a list of auction houses, great links, items for sale, ...
Category: Asia General > Asian Culture In general > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Jul 7, 2002 - Hits:188]

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