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Noah's Ark on
Description: Carefully selected bronzes, textiles, gold and silver jewellery, folk and tribal art from India and Tibet. A specialist in the textile traditions of India.
Category: India > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Jan 30, 2007 - Updated Jan 9, 2009 - Hits:192]

Northern Cordillera Imports
Description: Northern Philippine Art, Antiques and Ethnographica Functional Wood, Bamboo, and Rattan
Category: SE Asia > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Jul 2, 2002 - Hits:105]

Nurbu Arts
Description: Nurbu Lama of Nurbu Arts has specialized for many years in Tibetan dzi beads, high-quality coral and amber. He also carries fine modern Nepalese statuary and Tibetan and Nepalese household bronze vessels and ritual objects.
Category: Tibet > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Jan 12, 2002 - Hits:1189]

Objets d\'Art Uniques
Description: Objets d'Art Uniques is an Internet store selling rare, one-of-a-kind Asian antiques and antiquities. The company's director Dr. Mircea Veleanu is a scholar of Asian arts who has written three fully illustrated collectors' textbooks.
Category: Asia General > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Jul 24, 2007 - Updated Jul 25, 2007 - Hits:64]

Oil and Canvas LLC - fine art gallery, oil painting reproductions, original Asian art
Description: Fine art gallery featuring oil painting reproductions, original Asian art, dog & pet portraits, landscape art, impressionist art, nude art, and more!
Category: Asia General > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Feb 8, 2005 - Updated Feb 8, 2005 - Hits:114]

Oil Paintings
Description: Check out our ArtGallery with hand painted canvas oil paintings, originals and famous art oil painting reproductions of famous artists
Category: Asia Culture> Asian Culture In general > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Jan 4, 2006 - Hits:147]

Oil paintings , Oil painting reproductions , Fine art gallery
Description: Fine art reproduction of oil painting from famous oil paintings ,also accepts commission portraits oil painting from photo , entirely hand painted by professional Asian artists in museum quality . Worldwide free shipping.
Category: Asia Culture> Asian Culture In general > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted May 4, 2005 - Hits:116]

Oil Paintings Gallery
Description: We are an online commercial gallery offering for sale hand-painted reproductions of famous European 'old masters', mainly comprising oil paintings.
Category: Asia Culture> Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Dec 30, 2005 - Hits:90]

Oil Paintings Reproduction
Description: We are a professional produce and exporter of oil paintings for art lovers around the world in China. we have our own painting factory.
We offer commercial oil paintings,high quality oil paintings and museum quality oil paintings to meet with the demands of various oil paintings market.
If you would like to order oil paintings and also want our artists to turn photographs into beautiful portrait paintings.
Please contact with us soon!
Category: China > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Oct 1, 2007 - Updated Oct 1, 2007 - Hits:62]

Description: We have truly loved creating this collection and offer all of our finest collections to you with great pride. It is our wish that you will feel this labor of love coming through in every unique piece. You will discover that our collection is unsurpassed in both depth and quality. We are committed to following this passion now and into the future. Delivering to you the finest collector.
714-926-0809 Email:
Category: Asia General > Asian Culture In general > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Sep 9, 2005 - Updated Oct 24, 2005 - Hits:82]

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