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Go Without Borders
Description: Go Without Borders is committed to providing unique educational experiences and promoting cultural awareness. Our founding principle is based upon the belief that cultural exchange is an important educational experience, and should be appreciated by all parties, foreign and domestic. We understand the difficulties of bridging cultural differences and encourage people to explore and interact in an effort to gain a better understanding of their current environment.

Category: China > Asian Arts only > University or College
[Posted Aug 26, 2002 - Hits:77]

Green Tea
Description: Chinese green tea and tea culture.
Category: China > Asian Culture In general > Content Web Site
[Posted Jan 24, 2004 - Updated Jan 25, 2004 - Hits:105]

Gstar gifts Co., Ltd
Description: Gstar Gifts Co., Ltd is a chinese factory professional manufacturering of various types of candles. With many year's experience in this field, our range now includes Led Candles, jelly candles, handcrafted candles, tealight candles, crystal candles, Halloween candles, hookah and so on.
Category: China > Asian Culture In general > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Jul 19, 2006 - Hits:99]

Guanyin Treasures - Chinese Wooden Sculptures of Guanyin, Bodhisattva, Buddha
Description: Chinese Antique Guanyin (Kuanyin), Bodhisattva, Buddha Wooden Sculptures from Song to Ming Dynasties

Category: China > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Apr 28, 2005 - Updated Apr 28, 2005 - Hits:168]

Han Palace Fine Arts - Chinese Antiques - Home Page
Description: Private antique gallery in San Francisco specializes in high quality Chinese antiques: bronzes, ceramics, pottery, stone and wood sculptures.
Category: China > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Aug 5, 1999 - Hits:1181]

Hang Lee Arts
Description: The largest selection of oriental works of art. Jadeite, Ivory, Nephrite carvings for both collectors, dealers, and decorators.
Category: China > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Jan 12, 2000 - Hits:945]

History and Paintings from China
Description: Gallery exposing paintings from chinese communist propaganda with an historic background (chronologies and biographies). In french.
Category: China > Asian Arts only > Content Web Site
[Posted Mar 13, 2004 - Hits:124]

home decor-Chinese art black pottery
Description: Shandong Luoyan black pottery workshop was set-up in 1997 by Ms.LuoYan,the vice chmaiman of the Black pottery Research Institution to develop and develop and design new black pottery articles.
Category: China > Asian Culture In general > Artist Personal Homepage
[Posted Nov 10, 2007 - Hits:53]

Home Decoration and Furniture made in China
Description: Home Decoration, Furniture, Garden Ornament and Gifts made of rattan, wood, wrought iron, pottery, mosaic and others in China
Category: China > Asian Arts only > Shop
[Posted Mar 1, 2000 - Hits:1159]

HYC's Chinese Treasure House
Description: All the products in the house are carefully chosen from a wide variety of high-quality Chinese style handicrafts. Most of them are both artistic & functional. Secure on-line shopping is guaranteed.
Category: China > Asian Arts only > Shop
[Posted Dec 6, 2000 - Hits:962]

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