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7. Amoghasiddhi,
the Buddha of Unfailing Success

17th-18th century
Copper, cold gold, turquoise
H:8 1/4", W:5 1/8" (21.2 x 12.6 cms)
Object 456, (gallery E, case3, E-13)

Amoghasiddhi Amoghasiddhi, one of the Five Transcendent Buddhas wears a magnificent turquoise-studded, five-crested crown, large earrings, and a richly bejewelled necklace. Typical of many Tibetan images, this Amoghasiddhi's face is painted with what is known as "cold gold," a gold-dust paste applied without benefit of firing. In accordance with Tibetan peaceful manifestations the god's hair is painted blue. While in worship in some now unknown Tibetan monastery, the deity wore a charming cape (see image 9). In this photograph, we see that the pedestal of this image is packed with tightly wound paper rolls inscribed in Tibetan with Buddhist prayers, mantras, and magic syllables. One of the prayer rolls is written on birch bark, which suggests some antiquity. Also included is an apricot pit, some seeds and other sanctified talismans.

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