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Subject:Antique Chinese Seals
Posted By: Henri Salamati Sun, Jun 25, 2017 IP:

I recently inherited these antique Seals and am looking for information on them and there value if that is allowed on this forum.I have attached a flickr link to the pictures. I sincerely appreciate the help and look forward to responses. Thank you!

Link :

Subject:Re: Antique Chinese Seals
Posted By: mikeoz Tue, Jun 27, 2017

First, these are not antique seals. They are modern, and I suggest, carved in market stalls or art shops.

The characters that have been carved into the printing faces are rendered in Kaishu, which is standard script. Seals should be carved in ZhuanShu or seal script. The most common use of Kaishu in seals is when the seal is for a retailer or commercial use, or for a foreigner (non-Chinese).

The nicest seal is the one with the man carved on the top. This contains three Roman letters ELO, and Chinese 杜佰士 艾門. DuBaiShi AiMen. Du 杜 is a Chinese family name, and I can see that that character is also the first character of the black seals, though with all the seal mud on the stone I can't read the others.

The last seal also is too gunked up to be read.

Subject:Re: Antique Chinese Seals
Posted By: JLim Fri, Sep 08, 2017

Dear Mr Salamati

I would add, that I had a seal cut for me at a market stall here in Australia a few years ago, and the old guy still used a catalogue of seal script to cut my name. So the usage of seal script (as opposed to Kaishu) is not necessarily diagnostic of any age either!

However, I would agree with mike that the use of Kaishu script IS diagnostic of a modern origin.

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