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Posted By: bradek Sat, Sep 23, 2017 IP:

Is this real or a fake ?

Subject:Re: real or fake DAMING XUANDE MARK BLUE&WHITE
Posted By: JLim Sun, Sep 24, 2017

Dear Bradek

The mark does indeed say Xuande, but it is attempting to emulate porcelain from the Transitional Period (c. 1600-1700 AD). However, it cannot be Transitional because the glaze is too glossy and there is no rim fritting on the cup edges. The cobalt is also excessively grey.

There is, however, a pinkish glow to the footrim, have you noticed? This is typical of late Ming/early Transitional porcelain. Therefore this is a modern fake; if the faker had left the footrim alone I might have pegged it as Kangxi Revival of the late 19th century.

Would someone else like to comment? Did Kangxi Revival porcelains sometimes have fake tans added to the foot? Not in my experience.

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