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Subject:British East India coat of arms help
Posted By: Endre Sun, Sep 24, 2017 IP: 2602:306:c51c:e200:e

I'm not sure exactly what this is, and hoping one of the experts could share some info. I've seen some pieces with the crest on them from museums and the Diana cargo, but they look to be higher quality than this. I guess it is a tea caddy or tobacco jar? The shape seems more like the ones I see on canton pieces that are from mid to late 19th century. It doesn't look quite like the Sampson ones I've seen. I noticed a pair of lamps for sale, and one looks close in some aspects. That seller seems unsure as well, stating the date as "1960's?"

I would appreciate any info that anyone can share about this and maybe some others would like to know for future use. I've tried to add a decent shot of the foot and the decoration. The crest is on both sides. I can add more photos if that would assist. Look forward to hearing your thoughts, thanks

Subject:Re: British East India coat of arms help
Posted By: plasticman Mon, Sep 25, 2017

The original set of this design was made in the 1780s. Another was made in the early 19th century and was, as you alluded to, the type found on the Diana wreck. How many more sets were made prior to the 1858 discontinuance of the "Company"monopoly are not actually known. There are a lot of porcelain pieces with this design that were made for directors after shipping of the major bulk of export porcelain ended in 1803. Your piece has a border that matches none of the early work. I am guessing that it was made as a commemorative article sometime in the 20th century. The gritty dirt on the unglazed rims is more typical of that period.

Subject:Re: British East India coat of arms help
Posted By: Endre Tue, Sep 26, 2017

Thanks Plasticman, I appreciate your reply. I thought that it may be from the early to middle part of 20th century. I wonder, as a commemorative, if it were overdecorated in England like some of the much older ones

Subject:Re: British East India coat of arms help
Posted By: plasticman Thu, Sep 28, 2017

I don't think so.

Subject:Re: British East India coat of arms help
Posted By: Endre Mon, Dec 04, 2017

Upon further research, I have decided to update this post. From what I have learned, I believe this could be from late Guangxu, but in my opinion I agree with previous poster about 20thc., I think more likely to be from around 1910-1930. I have considered shape, clay, color, enamels, poor kiln conditions, and sings of heavy usage. I site item number 272589611303 on eBay: antique Chinese famine rose jar vase tongzhi or guangxu c. 1870, Cambi casa d’aste: a large blue and white vase depicting warriors, the McNally company antiques: Chinese famile noir ginger jar, many other examples I will not mention, and research of dated porcelains on watersilkdragon.wordpress. Hopefully this information, and the sited examples will help any of you with your own researches. I take my hypothesis on this particular jar to be accurate, however I do look forward to hear any input of your opinions or technicalities I may have overlooked. Thank you | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |