The Quiet Collector and the Sensuous Immortals

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Figure 15: Tableau of the Goddess Sarasvatī with musicians and dancers
India, Uttar Pradesh, 6th century
buff sandstone
83.8 cm.
Published in The Sensuous Immortals, Pl 95
Houston Museum of Art.
Photo: HMA
Museum purchase funded by "One Great Night in November, 2004"; "Polo in India: A Great Tradition," with funds from Sesh and Prabha Bala, Dr. and Mrs. A. P. Raghuthaman, Mr. and Mrs. Ashok Rao; the Friends of Asian Art, with funds from Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Allen III, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Daly, Mr. and Mrs. John Goodman, Dr. and Mrs. Ninan Mathew, Drs. Usha and Kumara Peddamatham, Isabel B. and Wallace S. Wilson, and the Caroline Wiess Law Foundation; and additional funds from Terry Huffington and Ralph Ernest Dittman, Dr. and Mrs. Peter Sullivan, and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Nicklos, by exchange