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Image identified: Maha-ka-la ?
Date (NS/AD): (xx)4/(xx)4


1.(Sambat) (x )4 catre (s'u)ddhi 5 ketura-ma bha-vo . Bhinisim*n^a . Visvara-ma . Jasira-ma .xxsim*n^a . Sa-hidura-ma .jirasim* . (Madana)ra-ma Bhojara-ma . x ta-jaya- . Na-rasim*n^a . Taks*esim*n^a . Ra-masi-m*n^a . Kr*s*n*ara-ma . Ranasim*n^a Duhlavamayi . Devakimayi . Sa ya s*u - na mayi . Durahlavamayi 2.xxxx mayi . Devaki(mayi) . S'ubhamayi . Dharimayi . Mathura-mayi . (tha)van^a dharamana thulr*syanam* duta- juro . Ketura-ma kajheta juro .


In Nepal Era (xx)4 (AD xx4), in the 5th lunar day of bright fortnight of the month of Caitra.

(Male donors): Keturama Bhavo, Bhinisimha, Vis'varama, jasirama, **simha, Sahidurama, jirasimha,(Madana)rama, Bhojarama, xtajaya, (Na)rasimha, Taksasimha, Ramasimha, Krishnarama, Ranasimha

(Female donors): Duhlavamayi (for Durlabhamayi), Devakimayi, Sayashunamayi, Duralhavamayi, xxxmayi, Devaki(mayi), Shubha*mayi, Dharimayi, Mathuramayi.

This much people donated having Virtues in their mind. Keturama was the organizer.

There is no name of the image in this inscription. It seems to be of Buddhistic and of Mahakala of six handed. There are pictures of devotees at the bottom in two sides. There are not persons as much as mentioned in the inscription. There are 15 male members and 9 female members' name inscribed. Keturama is the Kajheta (organizer). His name has been listed on the top and mentioned specially at the last line also.

There is date but unfortunately first two figure is obscure, only the last figure is clear, that is 4. According to the script, it seems to be of 15th or 16th centuries.

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