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Bangladeshi Arts of the Ricksha

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Joanna Kirkpatrick, Cultural Anthropologist, PhD U.C. Berkeley, USA. Did research in India and Bangladesh. Last 30 years at work researching Bangladeshi ricksha arts and allied conveyance arts, such as trucks, boats, other vehicles -- comparing them across cultures. Published scholarly and popular articles on ricksha art. I published what in fact was a digital book---a CD-ROM, titled Transports of Delight : The Ricksha Arts of Bangladesh, Indiana University Press, 2003. It went OP in 2014. My collection of ricksha art panels and decorated hoods may be seen in the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, N.M. In January 2011, a number of my ricksha art photos were on exhibit at an art show connected to the conference, "Street Visualities", held in Chennai at the arts and crafts museum, Dakshina Chitra. | Articles | Bangladeshi Arts of the Ricksha