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Shiva's Dance in Stone:
Ananda Tandava, Bhujangalalita, Bhujangatrasa

Fig. 10: Shiva Nataraja in the Murugan temple in Thiruparankundram
Stone, probably granite
Thiruparankundram, Tamil Nadu, India
Date unknown
160 centimeter without the pedestal, 200 including (approximately)

February 2012 by Liesbeth Pankaja Bennink, Kandhan Raja Deekshithar, Jayakumar Raja Deekshithar, Shankar Raja Deekshithar.

This Nataraja is similar in nature to the others we found. It is also similar in being different in its details. It is largely covered with cloth which means we are not able to give a detailed description. It is kept in an open space protected with bars in the gallery in between several flights of stairs leading to the main sanctum. It faces towards the sanctum, which means it faces towards the South.

The murti is around 1.60 meter tall and rests on a high rectangular pedestal. Together these are over 2 meter in height.

The prabha is round with a broad body and rims. The flames are clearly depicted and placed close together. Large makaras are present at the base and the top of the prabha and it is crowned by a flame-like decoration.

Jata are falling down on the shoulders.