In the Khasa Malla Tradition
A Thangka of Vikram Shahi (r. 1602-1631) King of Jumla

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Figure 10: A queen of  Vikram Shahi, (r. 1602-1631)
Brass, 17th c.
H 6 in
Nepal, Kallyal kingdom
Tripurasundari temple, Dolpa district, Nepal

The identity of this queen is in dispute, Sharma (in Sharma, 1971, see below) identified the figure as Sunakesarā, while Devakota (1994:64) identifies her as Agrāvatī. See article and appendix 1 notes for further details.

photo after:
Sharma, Janaklal, 1971 "Dolpo ra kehī anya sthalakā purātātvika upalabdhi" Ancient Nepal, 15 (April), pp.39-61, “phalak 2, ka” (but caption is that of “kha”)