In the Khasa Malla Tradition
A Thangka of Vikram Shahi (r. 1602-1631) King of Jumla

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Figure 6: Female figure (donor or Prajñāpāramitā ?)
Queen as the Goddess Prajnaparamita
gilt copper
West Nepal/West Tibet
mid-14th century
20.5 cm
Freer Gallery of Art
Purchase — Charles Lang Freer Endowment Collection
Accession Number:  F1986.23
Photo: Freer Gallery of Art

Detail 1: another view, published on; Freer Gallery of Art
Detail 2: Photo of inscription on front of base Freer Gallery of Art

Inscribed on front of base: yum (in Tibetan) = “mother” yum chenmo, “great mother” refers to Prajnaparamita; dīpamālā kṛti (in Devanāgari) = “made by Dīpamālā“

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