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Portrait of Jangchhup Gyaltshen
circa 15th century
Gilt copper
Height: 25.5 cm

A gilt copper sculpture identified by an inscription as Jangchhup Gyaltshen (1302-1362), 25.5 cm high and dating from around the 15th century, has particularly distinctive features. The figure wears monastic apparel and is seated with hands in the gesture of teaching, dharmachakra mudra. The character of the man is apparent in the steadfast expression on his elderly face, with furrowed brow and sunken cheeks. A beard runs along the jaw line ending in a pointed goatee. Jangchhup Gyaltshen was the influential Tibetan leader of the Pagmo-gru clan during the period of the demise of the Sakya power accord with the Imperial Mongol court in China. Jangchhup Gyaltshen achieved considerable moral superiority and political power during his eventful life.

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