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A large Chinese porcelain celadon glazed dish

with flat everted lipped rim, incised in the centre with an open-winged crane holding a leafy branch in its beak, the cavetto with four scrolling lotus flower-heads amongst buds and leaves, all below a band of keyfret, the everted rim with twenty-four florets applied in relief, the base glazed, apart from an unglazed ring burnt red in the firing.

41.2 cm, 16 ¼ inches diameter.
Yuan Dynasty, early to mid 14th Century.

  • Formerly in a private Japanese collection.
  • A similar dish is illustrated by Regina Krahl and John Ayers on the dust-jacket cover of Chinese Ceramics in the Topkapi Saray Museum, Vol I, no. 110 and again in colour on p. 212 and in black and white on p. 267, the style of carving is very similar although the Topkapi dish has twin fish and biscuit applied florets, the keyfret band is identical and it is possible that these dishes were made at the same time.
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