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Asian Art Gallery Ltd - Christopher Bruckner

Chinese Thangka of Satakratu
China; Xumifoushou Temple, Chengde
18th c.; 1779-80 (Qianlong Period - 1736-1795)
paint on cotton
Height: 57 inches (145 cm) Width: 32 inches (81 cm)

The blue Bodhisattva is seated in dhyanasana on an elaborate lotus throne, guarded by a pair of mythical lions. His right hand, in vitarka mudra (discussion or argument), holds the stem to a pink lotus, on which is perched a conch shell. The left hand is lying in his lap in dhyana mudra.

The throne is set in mountainous blue and green landscape, a white Tara and a green Tara are seated flanking the throne. In the sky sits Amitayus, with cloud borne attendants.

Satakratu is a Buddhist form of Indra and is the only deity in Lalitavajra’s Manual of Buddhist Iconography to hold a conch shell.

For a full discussion of thangkas from the Xumifoushou Temple, please see Bartholomew, Thangkas of the Qianlong period’(attached).

Framed and glazed.

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