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An Unusually Large And Important 'Qingbai' Figure Of Guanyin
Yuan Dynasty
67cm., 26.5in.

The benevolent goddess modelled seated with hands resting in her lap in dhyanasana, dressed in loose flowing robes folded neatly around her body emphasising her form and fine features, further embellished by an elaborate multi-tiered beaded necklace, the head slightly down-turned, studded with an urna, the pendulous ears with pierced beaded earrings, the hair drawn tightly back and parted in the centre beneath a headdress applied on each side behind the ears with a scroll-shaped flange suspending long beaded pendants falling freely across the shoulders, arms and lower body, fitted at the back with a pleated flap covering the nape of the neck, the greyish-white porcelain covered overall with a fine translucent pale-blue glaze, pooling on the folds of the robe, the top of the head, and base unglazed with some traces of the body burnt-orange during firing, wooden stand.

Sotheby's Hong Kong, 24th November 1987, lot 16

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