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Musée Guimet
June12th to September 10th, 2002

Foreward by Jean-François Jarrige

Since T'ang Haywen's death in 1991, three major exhibitions have brought to light an artist extremely valued during his lifetime by a circle of friends and connoisseurs, but not yet discovered by the general public. The first exhibition, The Tao of Painting took place at the Musée Océanographique de Monaco in 1996. In 1997, Taipei's Fine Art Museum organized a large retrospective that was unanimously acclaimed by the Asian press and was heavily attended. In 1999, the Musée de Pontoise held a show entitled Masters of Ink. It included three remarkable 20th Century Chinese creators: Chang Dai Chien, Zao and T'ang Haywen.

For many years now, Mr. Philippe Koutouzis has been dedicated to studying and promoting the works of T'ang. Both Jean-Paul Desroches, head curator of the Musée Guimet and a personal friend of T'ang Haywen, and I are truly pleased with the publishing of Mr. Philippe Koutouzis' book. It is the first of its kind to offer such a comprehensive outlook on the work of an artist gifted with an exceptional creative power. The different traits of his creativity, inscribed within the great currents of 20th Century modernity, range from figuration to abstraction. Throughout his life T'ang's major tool of expression remained ink, the traditional medium used by Chinese artists. We are particularly delighted that the publishing of this book coincides with the presentation at the Musée Guimet of the most comprehensive exhibit to date of the works of T'ang Haywen. Organized by Jean-Paul Desroches, assisted by Philippe Koutouzis, the exhibition at the Musée Guimet is a unique opportunity to bring to a wide audience, an artist who, as previously shown at the Musée de Pontoise, deserves to join the ranks of the great Chinese creators of the 20th Century.

The Musée Guimet is committed to enriching its 20th century Chinese Paintings collection. Following Mr. Yonfan Manshih's gift of several works by Chang Dai Chien, the Musée Guimet has just received four paintings by T'ang Haywen, given by Mr. Pierre Fabre, who has also generously supported the publishing of this book. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude towards Mr. and Mrs. J. Warwick Miller for their gift of another four paintings by T'ang Haywen.

We hope that the publishing of this book and the different events orchestrated around the work of the artist, particularly at the Musée Guimet, will give T'ang Haywen a status matching his talent within 20th Century's painting.

Jean-François Jarrige
de l'Institut

© Jean-François Jarrige

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