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Persistence of a Genetic Scar by Julie Rauer

Society cannot recover from such an epic scale of devastation - the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and three days later on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945 - but may, instead, manifest trauma as a perpetual genetic scar—ontological chasm which moves as a consumptive demon ripping up through the generations as a peripatetic wound, egregious disfigurement banished from conscious thought, inflating to cartoon benignity in a pantomime of humanity, sutured gash badly sewn and always reopening, futile replacement of scarred mortality for the immaculate technology of machines, and finally as the wholesale abandonment of frail humanity for alternative existential states.

From Julie Rauer, Persistence of a Genetic Scar

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Time Bokan – Pink – Black

Original Doraemon
drawing board

Aesthetic Pollution

Evangelion Unit 01

Japanese vintage toys

Butcher Shop

Mail Mania Mami’s
Summertime Move

Flaming Monster

The Desk and Chair
Are Too Small

The End of Battleship Yamato

Eco Eco Rangers Earth Force

Catalogue Cover



Zaku Head

Plastic figure
assembly kit

Summertime Move
with a Rabbit

Installation shot

The Reality of the
Roppongi Bar-Hosts – part 1

City Glow

Mr. V

Atom Suit Project
Antenna of the Earth

Magma Spirit Explodes -
Tsunami is Dreadful

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