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Article by Julie Rauer || Essay by Melissa Chiu

Paradise Now? Contemporary Art from the Pacific

Asia Society and Museum
725 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10021

Paradise Now? Contemporary Art From the Pacific takes as its departure point the popular perception of the Pacific as a paradise, a worn cliché refreshed seasonally by tourist operators, drinking water companies, pearl traders, and other enterprises. While acknowledging the persistence of such perceptions of their region, the fifteen artists included in this exhibition provide an alternative, more complex vision of the Pacific--one based in the experience of day-to-day life in the region.

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  Shane Cotton<br>Needlework
Shane Cotton
  W.D. Hammond<br>Placemakers 1
W.D. Hammond
Placemakers 1
  Michael Parekowhai<br>Poorman, Beggarman and Thief
Michael Parekowhai
Poorman, Beggarman
and Thief
  Peter Peryer<br>Dead Steer
Peter Peryer
Dead Steer
  John Pule<br>Amanakiega
John Pule
  Lisa Reihana<br>Native Portraits n.19897
Lisa Reihana
Native Portraits
  Sofia Tekala-Smith<br>Savage Island Man with Pure
Sofia Tekala-Smith
Savage Island Man
with Pure
  Michel Tuffery<br>Povi Tau Vaga
Michel Tuffery
Povi Tau Vaga
  Ruth Watson<br>Lingua Geographica
Ruth Watson
Lingua Geographica
  Niki Hastings-McFall<br>Too Much Sushi VIII
Niki Hastings-McFall
Too Much Sushi VIII
  Michael Parekowhai<br>Kapahaka
Michael Parekowhai
  John Ioane<br>Fale Sa
John Ioane
Fale Sa

Article by Julie Rauer || Essay by Melissa Chiu

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