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3. Standing Buddha
Mandalay period, mid 19th century
Wood with gilt lacquer and (colored) glass encrustations
H: 220cm (original wood plinth included)
Standing Buddha

Provenance: Belgian collection

From a distance the Buddha gives the impression that his eyes are closed, but by approaching he slowly opens his eyes and welcomes you with his open arms. He is monumental and slender with a youthful compassionate face, his lips are thick and wide. The hem of his robe with sophisticated folds and his headband are bordered with colored glass inlay in floral patterns. His fingers are long and fine. He is standing on a wooden open lotus flower. In his right hand, between his thumb and forefinger, he delicately holds the seed of a healing myrobalan fruit. The Buddha is mounted on a black lacquered wood square plinth.

It is clearly visible from the side that the Buddha slightly bends his head towards the viewer. You can only be touched by the sensitivity that emanates from this sculpture. The art of Burma is the best portrait of the religious devotion of their people.

The medicinal fruit was used in the ayurvedic medicine as a anti-flammatory and to heal wounds and scalds.

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