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4. Rectangular vessel for offering wine
Excavated from the tomb of Fu Hao in Yin ruins, Anyang, Henan Province, in 1976
Late Shang period, ca. 1200 BCE
height 67 cm

Rectangular vessel for offering wine

This large vessel, used for warming and serving wine, is a square variant of the three-legged jia vessel. It is one of three exceptionally large square jia vessels made for Fu Hao, whose name is inscribed on the flat base. It stands on four flanged, flaring blade-like legs, and the body is decorated with taotie. The vessel is topped by two large capped posts, which were used to lift the goblet after it had stood in the fire to warm the wine.

Institute of Archeology, CASS, Beijing

Detail: close up view

Detail: capped posts

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