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14. Foot soldiers
Excavated from a tomb at Yangjiawan, Xianyang, Shaanxi Province
Western Han dynasty, 206 BCE - 24 CE
Painted earthenware
height 48 x 50 cm

Foot soldiers

This group of three foot soldiers were discovered in a Han dynasty tomb. The tomb contained a miniature army of over 1,800 infantrymen, 580 cavalrymen, and models of war chariots. The soldiers' dress and faces still have lively colors, and they once held miniature bronze weapons. The detailed depiction of dress and armor provides vivid insight into warfare in the Han period. The occupant of the tomb was apparently Zhou Yafu, a high-ranking official who had helped the Emperor Jing of Han to conquer seven warring states.

National Museum of Chinese History, Beijing

Detail: full figure

Detail: close up

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