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Subject:Japanese Kutani mark
Posted By: John J Mon, May 24, 2021 IP:

Hi everyone, I would be very pleased if someone could help with my translation of this mark, apologies for the picture quality.

I can't get a few of the characters, so far I have:

大日本 九谷

So I am missing two and may have made errors in the others, tia.

Mark from a small piece of Kutani, probably early 20th century.

Subject:Re: Japanese Kutani mark
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, May 24, 2021

For the reading some basic knowledge of Sino-Japanese is required.

於盛楓堂  - Seifūdō ni oite (盛楓堂に於いて)-
At Seifūdō

業克明画之 - Kore wo kokumei ni egaita waza
(之を克明に画いた業) -
Skill that painted it elaborately

业 is the alternative form of 業

With regards,
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