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Subject:Art Deco bronze vase with carp design
Posted By: Mirko Thu, Jan 27, 2022 IP:

Hello everyone !
Hope you are well and safe . I have seen this beautiful vase and I fell in love with it. I came across this forum and I really would like to have your help guys to try to understand if is a good buy or not . I don’t understand much of Asian antiques so I really trust your judgement. I attach some pictures . I am scared I am going to spend money on something that is recently done or a reproduction even if it seems quite an original
To me. The asking price is around $1500 more or less . Can you help me to identify the signature please and also any other comment you have on the vase ?
Thank you so much everyone. :-)

Subject:Re: Art Deco bronze vase with carp design
Posted By: Guy Fri, Jan 28, 2022

Japanese, Meiji to Taishô period (first quarter 20th century) signed 'Shôun' (正雲) with 'kakihan' (written artist's seal). Quality bronze but not Art Deco, although Japanese Art Deco bronzes from the 1930s do exist and are sought after.

Here is another vase by the same maker:

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