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Subject:Cast Copper Asian (S.E.?) Goddess; Signed, or?
Posted By: Warren L. Fri, Jun 03, 2022 IP:

~3¼" tall, 63 grams. What looks like a signature may be her name...or something else. The characters are reminiscent of Chinese...but I wouldn't bet on that. Her right hand, draped in a sash, is palm outward. Her left arm cradles what may be an infant held by its legs. She stands in what looks like a Lotus blossom. A translation would much appreciated, Thanks!

Subject:Re: Cast Copper Asian (S.E.?) Goddess; Signed, or?
Posted By: Bill H Sun, Jun 05, 2022

I believe your bronze may be an image of the only female among the Japanese Seven Lucky Gods, Benten (or Benzaitin), bearing a mark of "Made by Zaiun" (Zai un zo - 瑞雲作). Below are links and a photo from a 1940 European auction of another bronze by Zuiun, whose career apparently reached back some decades before that date.

Best regards,

Bill H.

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