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Subject:Assistance requested identifying bronze okimono artist
Posted By: Chris Fri, Jun 17, 2022 IP: 2600:8801:fb00:a16:f

Hello All,

Thank you once again I. Nagy, Stan, mp.kunst, and others for all the help identifying and/or flushing out additional information on my woodblocks and other examples of ukiyo-e art.

I am now turning to my Japanese art in the round, mostly ceramics along with a few metalware pieces. I will likely vacillate between the two.

I am beginning with my lone okimono, a bronze (Japanese macaque?) monkey measuring approx. 14 cm in height. I took two photos of the kanji inscribed in the seal on the bottom - I know one is inverted, but with the hope the directional lighting may help identify any kanji that might be obscure in the other photo.

Thank you (all) once again for your time and assistance.

Kind Regards,

Subject:Re: Assistance requested identifying bronze okimono artist
Posted By: I.Nagy Sat, Jun 18, 2022

Maker`s mark reads,
壽山鑄造 - Juzan chūzō - Cast by Juzan

Mid 20 century

With regards,

Subject:Re: Assistance requested identifying bronze okimono artist
Posted By: Chris Sun, Jun 19, 2022

Dear I. Nagy,

Thank you once again for your assistance in providing a much needed translation and identification - please know your efforts and assistance are never taken for granted and warmly appreciated.

I do have a follow-up query, as in searching for works of art with the same marking I returned three results. The first search result (of a farmer) was indeed described as mid-20th century.

However, the other two works, both with zoomorphic themes and including one from a Nagel auction catalog from 2016 (Lot 1979 from the auction catalog posted below along with link) are described as Meiji period in origin.

While my lone bronze okimono, I do have an extensive collection of bronzes and an inspection of the patination of this piece is indicative of some age (though to be honest, differentiating between fifty years' of patination is metaphorically splitting hairs). I have included a photo below of part of the profile on which you can see the delta in presentation between highpoint more subject to contact (e.g., the ears) and the recessed surfaces though just for reference. I have also attached a photo of the bottom plate of the one piece that was described as mid-20th century for comparison of the seals and appearance of the metal.

I wonder if the subject matter, style, and production method (i.e., no bottom plate, drain on the bottom, et al) might be of some use in settling the discrepancy based on the paucity of published references?

I welcome your thoughts and feedback as well as those of the helpful community here at large, and once again thank you all in advance for the same.

Kind Regards,

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