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Re: Re: Chinese Blue Phoenix-Tail Yen-Yen Vase

Posted By: Daniel
Posted Date: Sep 10, 2017 (11:54 PM)


Thanks for your reply but there is no restoration from what I can see. Inside there is a very small dot of blue glaze (half a grain of rice size) right on the bottom where a repair would be. I have been struggling to find examples in this color, with this base and I have looked at least 100 examples of this shape from all periods (even checking aliexpress). The foot rim and the base seem to be fairly unique but it is very well potted with excellent proportions (and fits well in my monochrome collection!). Usually there is a straighter foot rim ring with the glaze ending just above but this one is cut on a diagonal and glazed.

I automatically assume it's a modern piece until I work my way down with points of authenticity of age which is why this piece confuses me so much. Would you consider this tone 'sacrificial blue'? I haven't had the opportunity to view or hold a period piece (Ming or Qing) in this color in person so I can't say for sure if the tone fits an antique piece.

Any other input would be greatly appreciated - you're definitely an in house expert here on this topic! Thank you again.


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