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尚坡龢 Shang Po-he 新眉山人

Posted By: Super
Posted Date: Dec 22, 2017 (11:50 AM)

This is indeed not an easy one to crack.

Inside the chop mark, the single seal script at the left is 尚 Shang which is most likely the surname of the artist. (see pic 1)

At the right-hand side, from top to bottom are:
坡 Po - slope, same as that in the famous 蘇東坡 Su Dong Po. I could not find the seal script for 坡
but did find that for 皮 (see pic 2) 坡 is basically by using 土 (earth) as its left radical and 皮 as its right radical.

龢 - He2, harmony, peaceful; this one is quite difficult and the only reason I recognized it was because I know a famous person 翁同龢 Weng Tung He, the teacher for two Qing dynasty emperors who had this character in his name.
龢 is basically the same as 和 He, which can be much easier recognized and has the same pronunciation and meaning.

Therefore the name of the artist is 尚坡龢 Shang Po-he which is an very unusual name but unfortunately I could not find anything on him.
It is possibly that he is not very famous.

Also,the four characters on top of the chop mark are:


with the second character I believe to be 眉 Mei
(pic 3).

I also could not find anything on this name but only saw there was one questions asking who this person is.

Hope this helps.


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