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Seal Identification on Silk Painting

Posted By: Bill
Posted Date: Dec 19, 2020 (05:31 PM)

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for some help identifying various seals on a chinese silk painting. Believe I've identified a few of them, but any help would be greatly appreciated. I've numbered them in the images for easy reference.

1. Shiqu Baoji Sanbian (寶笈三編) - recorded in the third volume of the prestigious inventory of the Qing emperors’ collection of paintings and calligraphy

2. Tian Lu Ji Jian (天祿繼鑑) - “Continued Mirror of Heavenly Favours” - Emperor Jiaqing seal

3. Wu fu wu dai tang gu xi tian zi bao (五福五代堂古稀天子宝) - Seal of the Seventy-Year - Old Son of Heaven of The Hall of Five Happinesses and Five Generations - Emperor Qianlong seal

4. Bazheng maonian zhi bao (八徵耄念之宝) - Treasure of the Eight Signs of Mindfulness or Treasure of the Eighty-year old who concerns himself with the Eight Signs - Emperor Qianlong seal

5. - 7. ???

Any help you could please provide on #5-7 or any additional thoughts / corrections on #1-4 would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!

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