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Re: Re: Jade cong - Age? Quality?

Posted By: Tim
Posted Date: Nov 26, 2015 (10:48 AM)


I agree...this one looks 'too old' to be true or of good quality.

After reading your comments, I scratch tested again....mixed results. Some areas were soft (the areas of the stone that were brown/black) and scratched, and other areas did not scratch (greener/translucent). Perhaps serpentine or just inferior stone, but I thought I had read posts stating older stone carvings can be scratched.

There is also some type of brown/black tar like substance accumulated in the narrow horizontal cuts....perhaps just more 'material' added by the creator to deceive, but I'll post some photos of the material just to be sure.

The Christie's example that I posted certainly did not achieve the kind of sale result that would suggest a high quality piece, and who can really say that my piece is anything like theirs without having physically examined both.

I have already sent an email to arrange a viewing at the MFA in Boston... probably will not hear from them in time before I fly back, but if they do extend an invitation to me, I'll likely fly back...such a rare opportunity for a student like myself should not be missed.

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