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Re: Example of shape - Christie's

Posted By: Tim
Posted Date: Nov 27, 2015 (09:32 AM)


I agree, the sales result is quite flat for such a large piece of supposed neolithic jade. However, high results are very spotty and only pieces with exceptional provenance or exceptionally beautiful stone and/or carving seem to achieve anything better than a few thousand dollars, even at Christie's.

Also, if you go through the auction's other items, you'll find that this was not a particularly high end sale with 245 lots bringing only 831,540 (GBP) INCLUDING the buyer's premium.

In contrast, here is a similar size, similar looking stone, and modestly carved cong sold by Christies in 2014 that brought a spectacular $245,000. That auction had 467 lots selling for $27,401,250 (USD).

Just judging on appearances through photos, the most significant difference seems to be the provenance and the overall quality of the sale, which is an important lesson for me and anyone else reading this discussion who has an interest in learning how to collect jade.

Just a guess, but had Christie's put the cong sold in 2006 aside the well provenanced piece in their 2014 sale, the result would have been much higher purely on association (ie. if this one is good, then the other one must be, too). More psychology than science, but nevertheless often true as this is a common practice among auction houses.

Fortunately for me, I bought this cong from a local Goodwill thrift store, so needless to say, I am at no financial loss one way or another with this piece, and the education has been invaluable.

Truth be told...I never had too great of an interest in jade, but I think I've caught the bug. The question is whether or not there are enough pieces available in my area to start collecting as I do not typically buy from auction.

Thanks again. Very much appreciated.

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