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IMPORTANT info on Liangzhu cut marks....

Posted By: Tim
Posted Date: Nov 30, 2015 (05:06 PM)

Around the holidays, I have a lot more time to navigate the Internet, so please excuse me if it seems I am beating a dead horse about this topic.

I am just interested in sharing some of my findings as I look at various sources for information on Liangzhu culture and jade. Probably much of what I am sharing is well known among jade collectors, but it seems pertinent to the conversation. So, here goes....

Follow the link to a breif article on Liangzhu jade Bi by Freer-Sackler.

Here's two excerpts:

"On some, traces of sawing and grinding have been completely polished away, and the smooth surfaces are buffed to a lustrous shine. In many cases, however, the flawed stone is irregular in shape, and the disk still retains intriguing evidence of its manufacture."

"Hollow tubular bits, aided by mineral abrasives and water, could have been used to drill the central hole from both sides of the disk to avoid breakage. A tiny projecting ridge inside the hole remains if the drill bits were improperly aligned."

Note that the article states that 'in many cases' the type of tooling that I propose is being described as 'rough' in our discussion, is indicative of the carving of Liangzhu jade, and not 'high speed' rotary tooling.

The article does seem to suggest that there are varying degrees of quality, and those that have the tooling marks completely polished away are fewer in number.

Link :Freer-Sackler Bi - cut marks

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