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Re: Held with Foo Dog Rouleau Vase

Posted By: Bill H
Posted Date: Jan 07, 2016 (04:17 AM)

Here's a small teapot dated 1907 with iron red and green decoration of Buddhistic lions and an apocryphal Tongzhi (1862-1874) iron-red reign mark. The pot has typical features that you'll see on late Qing Dynasty vases and teapots in this pattern. The porcelain was made at Jingdezhen, where according to my understanding, it received its initial basic decoration and a line of black text to the effect of "There's good news to report!". The pre-painted pieces were then sent to small kilns in various parts of China, where resident calligraphers could personalize the items with dates and other details of happy events, such as marriages and births of sons, and then refire the porcelains. Tim's concerns about the blue Kangxi mark are well-founded. Late Qing porcelains in this iron-red pattern virtually always have a complementary iron-red mark, apocryphal or otherwise.

Best regards,

Bill H.

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