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Re: Metal Thai Buddhist Amulet Jade Necklace

Posted By: Paul
Posted Date: Mar 17, 2016 (06:00 PM)

Thai amulets are big business in Thailand. Yours could be worth one dollar or many thousands of dollars. Only a Thai amulet pro (not me) can tell you, and even then there may be different opinions. There are so many of these. And there are good counterfeits of the rare ones. Also, a real pro would likely need to see the amulet in person.

I’ve separated the words on the back for clarity. They are:

รุ่น ๑ “1st generation”
หล่วง พ่อ เงิน “Luang Phor Ngern” (monk’s name)
บาง คลาน “Bang Klan” is the temple name. (In full it would be วัด บาง คลาน – ”Wat Bang Klan”)

This guy is/was very well known and there were likely dozens, if not hundreds, of different amulets made depicting him during his lifetime.

Google the temple name for lots of info and pics: วัดบางคลาน

And here’s a video:

Hope this helps.

Here's a photo of the temple in north/central Thailand.
(Address: Pho Thale District, Phichit, Thailand)

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