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Re: Question about a chinese or japanese scroll on paper with a writing and four marks

Posted By: rat
Posted Date: May 28, 2016 (05:00 PM)

yes my gut reaction was japanese as well for some reason, also the calligraphy strikes me as more similar to Japanese inscriptions than most and I'm not getting a sense for the meaning as I might for a Chinese picture. The geometry of the composition strikes me as akin to Japanese painting too. Not sure this is a valid observation without seeing the actual painting but it strikes me too that the painting is rather flat on the picture plane rather than showing a lot of recession (despite the distant hills), and that too is characteristically Japanese. Not that Chinese painters didn't do the same. There were also some Chinese painters working in Japan. But then I thought, hey the guy is surnamed Zhang and this is looks like a Shanghai School type of picture, so that's where I came down. Hopefully one of the Japan experts will see something telltale to rule it in or out.

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